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Water can cause significant damage to your home in a plumbing emergency  and when leaks occur within the plumbing systems, so timely action is essential to save you and your fellow inhabitants from danger and further damage to your home.

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Leaking Cistern, Radiator or A Burst Pipe

If you have a leaking cistern, radiator, a burst pipe or flooding of any type, the first important safeguard would be to turn the electricity supply off at the fuse board, this will reduce the risk of electrocution and damage to your home electrics. Once the water has been cleared and the leak isolated, examine all sockets, ceiling roses and light fittings close to the leak to ensure they are dry and water has not got into them before reinstating the home power supply.

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Home Plumbing System

It is important to turn the water off at the mains to stop the flow, a good working knowledge of your home plumbing system would be helpful at these times. Knowing the location of the isolation valves for your heating system and hot water cylinder and specifically the mains stopcock, become valuable information in this sort of plumbing emergency. Check valves every few months to check they are still operable and are not leaking or have seized.

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Professional Plumbing Repairs

Once the systems have been made safe and the necessary water has been drained repairs can be made. Some repairs can be made by using plastic push fittings but this does destroy the earth continuity of the plumbing system and could leave the system dangerous, when these fittings are used the area should have bonding replaced or a more permanent repair be made to ensure electrical safety. Remember that these fittings are for emergency use on copper systems unless correctly earthed and if you are in any doubt of your safety call a professional.

Emergency Plumbing
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